Thursday, December 26, 2013


I've signed up to get some blog love.
Not very sure how it works but here I am going to claim my blog right now and we shall see...

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Woke up in a very loving Milo (the dog) mood. He was being very cute so I started throwing money at him so he would keep on playing with me.
Side note: MILOH got a new crew neck which is dope. The CRYSTAL CLEAR one ^^
Random fact: I used to eat hot Cheetos every morning during first period english class in high school because some girl would sell them and I got dependent on having them every day. Still always a special place for them in my heart.
bon soir x

December 25th***

Christmas Day!!

Good day and night with family and friends! Jack got to stay for Christmas which was amazing! It was hot out. In the morning we opened presents had bagels hung out with everyone made sausage rolls took the dogs on a walk then had more people over and had a big dinner and sat by the fire pit. We played the board game CLUE then watched my favorite christmas movie, "The Family Stone" It was a really good one. :)

December 24th***

Christmas Eve...

Mom, Jeff and Ellie.

My friend dropped her camera  :(

Jack and the bows are really working for him.

December 23rd***


December 22nd***


We celebrated CJ's birthday a bit early slash had an ugly sweater party! My sweater is authentic. My mom wears it all season long every year for as long as I can remember. She yelled at me earlier to return it to her ASAP. It was a really good night! 

December 21st***


 My mom had a little holiday party then I went to visit Will who is in town from New york. It's always a good time hanging out with him plus Lindsey in the valleeeyyyy. His dad talked us all in to going to In-n-out at 12:30AM. His dad doesn't even eat gluten or dairy and he caved hard. Will is recently very proud of his Italian Heritage.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 20th***


Jack drove me to my third training day and I changed in the car.

December 19th***


They asked me to come back for another training day, I got in-n-out after work and watched shit Christmas movies with the fam. My kinda night.

December 18th***


I had my first training day at a new retaurant! It went well :)

December 17th***


So Quiche.

This failed. But good atempt.

We all almost got matching tattoos in Brighton 2 years ago.

Jadan, Kassie & Wyni had a little Holiday party and made delicious spiced cider! It was a lot of fun. The Irish boys had a good time considering they were incredibly hung over from their previous night out with some random people they met after I had dropped them off to go home to go to bed. I love having visitors down in town and up to do anything!

December 16th***


Monday...I took some very commercial headshots! My smile was completely worn out. It will be a laugh to see them! Then Jack and I got to visit with Tamra who is always all over the world, it was reallly good to catch up. 

December 15th***


I spent the day cleaning out my closet and organizing mostly!! I've decided to sell clothes through MILOH'S website!! I have my own section under "Suzie's Closet" I thought it to be very fitting.
We're always updating the clothes so check it out before things disappear!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 14th***


Had amazing Thai food in a little hole in the wall place. This guy was jokes i swear he was looking right at the camera at one point smiling and I turned around and he was concentrating on the menu...

The second picture is one of my favorite songs.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 13th***


Hung around Venice and found a really cool hidden chocolate spot thats like a tiny forest! It is called ZENBUNNI, right off Abbott Kinney!  

December 12th***


Had a little tourist day with the Irish boys. Then had some Korean BBQ and saw the movie "HER" it was really good!! 

December 11th***


Had coffee with Lindsey and her british mom, who is very funny. Her and Jack got along great. 

December 10th***


Hair day for Jack & I...

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 8th***


Yay for Cafe 101 on Sundays.
 miloh shirt 
Watched a christmas movie and napped then put lights on the tree and had family dinner!!
Good end to a good week :)