Friday, November 29, 2013

November 28th***


Got away with rocking the most should not be worn in public outfit. boxers moms sweater and UGGS.

Dinner was amazing! It was Jacks first Thanksgiving! He was a fan.

Milo had a long day.

Family time :)

Crazy mall. Whats with my backward pics?!

Waiting in lines.

So Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays cause its really good family time and the real beginning to Christmas and all that fun stuff. 
We had dinner at ours and friends and family came over. Then we laid around for a little and got up to go shopping. Jack had never experienced Black Friday so we went for it. Stores are starting to really open a lot earlier so right after dinner people rush to the malls. I think its a bit much cause its basically just filled with teenagers hanging out and its crowded as fuhhhh and hot as sheeeet. But sometimes its a fun adventure. 
I came out with a cool leather jacket and did all my family christmas shopping so that was pretty amazing! And jack took some pictures.
Maybe next year I'll stick to Cyber Monday. 

SIDE NOTE- MILOH is having a big 50% off sale online as well :)

November 27th...


Why not just try on some sweat pants in the middle of Target.

November 26th....


I was running around all over town this day but stopped by Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont and Melrose for some lunch with my friend Chris who was visiting from Louisiana. Food was DELISH, if you ever visit LA you must go there, its very fresh and tasty. I am double jointed on two of my fingers hence the last weird finger position. 

November 25th***


So Monday was clearly a CJ lovefest. X

Sunday, November 24, 2013


So woke up with moose....

Went to the Hollywood farmers market (passed this on the way)

Ran into my friend Ellen selling aprons...theyre awesome check them out!

Had a very good lunch with these ones.

Came home and had a yummy family dinner.

November 23rd***


So I babysat ALL day on Saturday! So Heres a pic of where I spent most of the day, at the good ol Americana

November 22nd***


Had a friends-giving!! It was DELICIOUS! 
Yes that is a ferrrettt!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Got home today and realized I hadn't takena a photo.
It was a really good day though :)

November 18th***


Ran into Harold while I was driving and he was wearing a PINK LADIES jacket!! 
Then found all these toilets randomly. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Today was a really good day for a well deserved hike. 
Followed by a massive dinner and pazoookie (big pan cookie with french vanilla on top)
OH! And today I finished Sherlock!! Very happy to know that there will be a third season starting in January!

Saturday, November 16, 2013


classic route 66 shirt, with a hint of some bleach at the top from being left in the laundry room probably.

Today was a very lazy one, and I'm okay with that because I discovered my new favorite show for the moment: Sherlock!
Very into it.
I also had a hamburger and french fries for dinner.


November 15th***


My shoooooz

Tried to get the moon in this photo cause i thought it looked cool. Still a nice house with treeez


Thursday, November 14, 2013


Miloh being awesome.

Went to the beach...

It was so nice to have a good beach day and get in the water. I haven't done that in santa monica for a long time. Luckily you can go any time of the year. Jack and I watched a surf lesson take place and were pretty sure the instructor was drunk, that was entertaining. Afterward we got massive pizza slices then went to pick up old music recordings of my dad from 40 years ago from his old friend named Duke. He is awesome. We spent 3 hours over at his place with him showing us all different types of music with his crazy speaker system. It was pretty sweeeeet. It was a trip hearing the recordings of my dad from that long ago, super cool cause i had never even heard him sing seriously and it was all his own material.

Overall a great day. 


November 13th***


Stopped by Urth Cafe to get some BOBA! BOOYAHH

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13th***


Hair is in a heart bun by accident...rockin miloh's new jumper!!!