Friday, March 14, 2014

Since Monday...

Heres an update on whats been going on the past 2 weeks...

Visited the dogs :)

Rocked some karen london

Decorated then re-decorated my desk because the massive glass I got to cover this was white.

Woops back to do the day where I visted my dogs.


Earlier that day I took some lovely headshots.

My manager is super dope, and looks like Andrew Garfield.

We had a wine tasting at work. Into it.

Really want this bagg shout out to Kate Spade.

Could get used to this new hood view.

Oh i really want these shoes as well!

Geegey steezey

Debating if I need this semi uncomfortable couch in my place.

2 Milohs 2 Suzies

What Jack calls me sometimes. 

Nails did.

Printed picture of Ceej and I being social.

His & Her computer. Jacks is on the right...ha.

Mom and Ceej hanging at my apt.

Rufffa da best.

BBQ crew

Literally had 4 plates of this...As well as an entire nacho bar.

Some light Karl reading.

Love this and want to do my wall just like it!

Cutie Oozzies

Jack & Kenzie keeping me in check at Rose Bowl.

Got this lovely hat cause it was very very hot and perfect.

Mom sent me a picture of Miloh being the best. I need to make a MEME (is that how theyre spelled)for this picture.

Why not quick piss pic

Late afternoon with Gina turned into a little photo time.

Girl time and Jacks shocked about all the gossips

Schoolin tam. 

Camera geeks

Jacks morning attire.

Went to Blossom today. Cold noodles. Sooo yummy.

Found thse gem dogs.

I want oneeee.

I think I like doing these type of posts a bit better than the photo a day ones. But may jump back and fourth with which type I'll do. There will be a lot more posts though. thats for sure. 


  1. Those shoes remind me of ones I used to wear in middle school in the mid 90's.. I'm dating myself now...The little pups are adorable. I'm a sucker for cute and fluffly..ta ta


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