Friday, August 9, 2013

2 weeks in England

So here's a little picture story about my trip to engalnd...

My boyfriend was there and I last minute got to go to with a friend. So with leaving in only a week i decided to keep it a secret from him and surprise him in England :)

Lets start off with my airport swag...
No comment except for I am obsessed with these travel pants. So comfy.

Riley and I at the airport.

Got into the Hotel and thought this sky light was nice.

Coffee and come up with a game plan to find out where Jack was.

It was around the time I would be waking up in LA, so I sent him this...While texting his friend he was with to find out where to meet up.

Got the location and headed to East London.

COMPLETELY SURPRISED HIM!! by walking into the narrowboat, a pub he was at. He looked like he had seen a ghost.

We were stoked.

Got a new oyster card. Headed to Jacks.

London was hot.

Made it to the countryside. Finally met the bolli dog.

Putting feet in a pool in England is not too common. I was into it.

Went back into London. 

VISITED THE MAN RICHARD HARRIS! He was just started a pop up coffee place at belsize library and was giving away coffee so i popped up! 

Then we went out...

Next day went to the opera with Jacks friends and family. Twas quite the experience, I enjoyed it.

Fish n chips yallll

Met milohs long lost cousin- Toby. 

Back into London. Got my favorite coffee there- Monmouth Coffee Company in Covent Garden. When my friend Wyni and I were in London for 5 months we would come in here all the time and be too loud. But that is how we got to know Richard Harris (See earlier photo)
(There's one in Lonodn Bridge as well)

Always sitting at the bench across the street.

Riley selfie.

VERY HOT. pimmss!!

Went to Somerset House to see Jack play with Matt Corby.
SOOO good.

It was a pretty night, and still hot.

Back to hotel. Always ordering room service. Jacks hand and baby burger.

Back to Countryside. 

We had a beach day! 

hell yeah.


big tree.

So relaxing.

Road trip to visit Cristina!

Met her friends.

London Town.

Saw Jessie Ware at Somerset House.

With Hannnnnnah :)

Next day headed to The Gentleman Of The Road Mumford stopover show in Lewes. Jack had to go to Irealnd and play another festival :(

Vampire Weekend. First crowd surfing experience.

Stayed in Brighton!

Back to Festival. Jonny Flynn!

Suzie and Suzayyy


Into The Vaccines.

The lady behind me was not the vibe and mean.

The guys behind the festival- Mumford & Sons!
Jack picked me up from the Festival and then I was meant to go home the next day(notice travel pants and shoes) but changed my flight on the drive to the airport.

...and got to have lunch and 2 more days with Jack!

He was flying out the same day as me so we got to hang out in the airport. 

Then got home to miloh moose.

Visited CJ at work.

Back in LA...for now.


  1. I love travel blogging.
    You have a very unique and awesome composition eye, really enjoy your photographs. Plus you are so photogenic! You just exude happiness, love, life...

    Thank you for sharing your surprise London visit. I met Jack in 2012 in San Diego, talk to him for like 5min :P he was very nice to me.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Suz, you are soooo beautiful!!!
    You and Jack are great together :D

  4. Stunning pics Suzie,you looked like you were in 7th Heaven xxx.