Thursday, December 26, 2013


I've signed up to get some blog love.
Not very sure how it works but here I am going to claim my blog right now and we shall see...

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  3. suzie I a m really sorry for what I said, you were nice to me and I had no right to talk to you this way. yet pardon.
    the shit after kristen these days is intolerable. haters the blame because she has not spent the new year with Rob as each year passed and they said BP hat kristen.
    sorry to tire you with all this crap that deplete at the end.
    a big thank you to you and Cj to respect her privacy.
    Happy New Year to all

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  5. Suzie!!! <3 I really miss your amazing photos, you're fashion style it's so unique and you're actitud it's so cheerful. I hope that you come back! Happy new year and all love for you :D

  6. hi suzie, I am sad to see confirmation that RK spent the New Year each of his side which also confirmed their separation. I had liver in them, I have supported as a pair when the shit that was after them, but now it's over.
    I always was a fan of kristen and I stay.
    take good care of your relationship with Jack, it looks to be a good guy.
    I wish I had a sign on your part to keep hope but hey ..........

  7. Love your shirt!!! A Blissful New Year to you and your family!