Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 2nd***


Discovered this amazing instagram with the best dogs.

Walked to the Famers Market and it was closed :(

Then hung out with these tricks :)


  1. Hello suzie! i've always wanted a way to speak to you, hope this is private enough! To be honest i'm a rob's fan 100%, like him as much as i could without knowing him personally, well i guess love him but only because, that's what i was taught to do, to your fellow man!Not because i'm a fan of rob i dislike you, in fact as a fan of miss stewart i really do fancy you! I admire you how you seem to work for you bread, you seem very happy, okay Is wedding anytime soon? Jack seem like a very nice chap and i've notice English guys do not play around with the woman they love, they marry them, can i ask you if bear is alive? I looked at your photos on insta- saw bernie but no bear!Iwant to talk plain, do not fancy cj and the female alana! CJ swears too much and the other, just don't, notice you have no photos of her, good!I notice you have photos of tamara, she also sees nice!I used to tolerate miss stewart when she was not showing her colors but no now! I wish her all the best, hope she finds her way, Please can you and jack send a donation to standup2cancer on behalf of rob? we are doing this for his birthday, hope you do not get pissed with my letter, God bless you!


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