Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I got a new necklace today!

Holla at karen london for both necklaces!


  1. Karen London has so many cool designs on accessories. That necklace is just.... You! Cool...fun...carefree :)

  2. hi suzie, you're a good person with a big heart and a sincere friend. if you please tell CJ not to post pictures that are related to kristen (or his house or something else related to kris) because it attracts hate.
    kristen is a sweet and wonderful person, I think she has suffered enough of this shit called on it.
    Now she deserves all the respect and love of the world and it must start with these friends.
    thank you Suzie, I know this is your blog but this is the only way I've found to get my message across. I have great respect for you.
    Last summer I asked Scout compton "twt" to tell me that everything going well in speaking "rainbow" I want to ask you the same thing. tell me about stars and I understand.
    Thank you in advance.