Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Started today off with this jacket...

Ended it with this awesome find, was stoked to find my name spelled as i do!

I just finished the Gossip Girl series which is very funny considering I started watching it when I was in high school and I embarrassingly enough re-found it on Netflix and have been obsessed with finishing it and getting three stars on angry birds whilst I watch.
So yes I just finished it this evening. Now on to bigger and better things. Possibly re-watching One Tree Hill all over again?
I'll probably just go for Breaking Bad as Ive only seen the first episode, and ive always wanted to learn how to make meth...
Bad joke.
Good night.


  1. Suz, see Pretty Little Liars and Revenge. They are very good!

  2. OTH is always great, but give Breaking Bad a try :) First season was toughest for me to get through but then got ADDICTED. So good.

  3. I agree on Pretty Little is addicting! It is up to season 3 on netflix but you can catch season 4 on the channel site.