Friday, November 1, 2013


My friends view from his rooftop. SICK.

 So I spent this halloween in New York and unfortunately I wasn't up for raging in the city. I also didnt have a costume and didn't want to get a half ass one. Soooo I went to get Ramen in the east village instead and walked back to the apartment rather than taking the subway, it was such a nice walk and seeing so many different cool costumes as you pass everyone. It also wasnt freezing or raining which was nice. Overall I enoyed my very low key halloween. I do love the holiday and it went by so quickly. Maybe I'll just have a halloween themed birthday and give myself a second chance to dress up.


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  2. Of course girls! You deserve to celebrate Halloween and what better to do as a theme for your birthday!! I love you Suzie!! Besos