Friday, November 29, 2013

November 28th***


Got away with rocking the most should not be worn in public outfit. boxers moms sweater and UGGS.

Dinner was amazing! It was Jacks first Thanksgiving! He was a fan.

Milo had a long day.

Family time :)

Crazy mall. Whats with my backward pics?!

Waiting in lines.

So Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays cause its really good family time and the real beginning to Christmas and all that fun stuff. 
We had dinner at ours and friends and family came over. Then we laid around for a little and got up to go shopping. Jack had never experienced Black Friday so we went for it. Stores are starting to really open a lot earlier so right after dinner people rush to the malls. I think its a bit much cause its basically just filled with teenagers hanging out and its crowded as fuhhhh and hot as sheeeet. But sometimes its a fun adventure. 
I came out with a cool leather jacket and did all my family christmas shopping so that was pretty amazing! And jack took some pictures.
Maybe next year I'll stick to Cyber Monday. 

SIDE NOTE- MILOH is having a big 50% off sale online as well :)

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