Sunday, November 3, 2013


Got mexican food and played soccer in the parking lot, pretty good sunday.


  1. Uh-oh no posts in almost 5 days. Don't be a slacker this early in the game! Step it up and post those pics! :-D


  2. again I'm sorry to use your blog to say that,
    Kristen has suffered too much from all these evils that are said about her and the fact that Cj and company continue to post pictures of his house, haters and tabloids will continue to fall on him with their hatred and lies.
      Kristen does not deserve that.
    why all these Tab speak ill of her?? why do they want to destroy their relationship?? I do not understand and I'm very sorry for her.
    suzie you are a good person and a true friend takes good care of her.
    if you please show me hearts for me to know that everything is going well for her and her relationship.
    love, family and true friends are the most valuable asset we have in life well.
    Suzie thank you for giving me this chnace to talk and yet I apologize.