Thursday, November 14, 2013


Miloh being awesome.

Went to the beach...

It was so nice to have a good beach day and get in the water. I haven't done that in santa monica for a long time. Luckily you can go any time of the year. Jack and I watched a surf lesson take place and were pretty sure the instructor was drunk, that was entertaining. Afterward we got massive pizza slices then went to pick up old music recordings of my dad from 40 years ago from his old friend named Duke. He is awesome. We spent 3 hours over at his place with him showing us all different types of music with his crazy speaker system. It was pretty sweeeeet. It was a trip hearing the recordings of my dad from that long ago, super cool cause i had never even heard him sing seriously and it was all his own material.

Overall a great day. 



  1. your happiness is nice to see, but I'm sad and heavy heart ......

  2. Thats awesome Suzie! What a day to cherish and remember always. I love the great memories I have of my dad!