Sunday, November 24, 2013


So woke up with moose....

Went to the Hollywood farmers market (passed this on the way)

Ran into my friend Ellen selling aprons...theyre awesome check them out!

Had a very good lunch with these ones.

Came home and had a yummy family dinner.


  1. How nice weekend with friends and family .....
    I loved the picture of a cute tribute to fred genius

  2. hi suzie Happy thanksgiving.
    suzie tell me why kristen, let the tabloids tarnish his reputation, destroy his career and especially his relationship tainted "her love" why??
    I feel she does everything that people say bad things about it .... why??
    you know suzie same hearts and stars that you showed me are not able to make disappear my doubts.
    Is there a way for the joy back?? and doubts disappear???

    thank you suzie to be there and enjoy with your love Jack because you deserve it.

  3. I remember the day Freddie died. My mother cried and cried. (Am I dating myself , yikes!) there will probably not be someone as amazing as him for a long long time to come. Those people only come once in a lifetime.